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04th May 2019

Michael Owen predicts a Liverpool-Barcelona Champions League final because he’s Michael Owen

Kyle Picknell

And Chris Sutton absolutely bloody loved it because he is Chris Sutton

Michael Owen had an interesting take during BT Sport’s Saturday Morning Savage show today, making the rather bold prediction that Liverpool and Barcelona will somehow conspire to contest the Champions League final – despite playing each other in the semis.

Even better, he actually takes a moment or two to think about it by saying “Barca” first, pausing, saying “Barca and…”, pausing again, and then declaring “Liverpool” their opponents.

Obviously the other pundits, Robbie Savage, Owen Hargreaves and Chris Sutton, all completely lost it in response to their colleague’s gaff and barely let him correct his mistake and make an actual, valid prediction – Barcelona and Spurs.

As you’ve watched the video, had a laugh at Michael Owen’s expense and are now probably wondering what you should do next with your Saturday, I’d like to point you in the direction of the following video: almost ten entire minutes of Michael Owen in a helicopter talking very slowly and very unenthusiastically about Dubai.


Alternatively, here’s the big green lad Shrek absolutely destroying the Crufts obstacle course. Different videos… for different needs.