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09th May 2019

Mauricio Pochettino walks out of press conference after Harry Kane question

Kyle Picknell


I have to be honest here. I have absolutely no affiliation with Spurs but I fucking adore this man. Mauricio Pochettino is everything you could ever want in a coach and watching him fall to his knees as Tottenham completed the most remarkable comeback since that other remarkable comeback, to go through to the club’s first ever Champions League final, was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever witnessed on a football pitch.

He deserves every credit for readjusting a Spurs side that were played off the park in the first half, bringing Fernando Llorente on for Victor Wanyama and telling his players to hit long passes directly into the big, lumbering Spaniard.

The Argentine struggled to hold back the tears in a heartwarming post-match interview, telling the reporter: “Thank you football. This type of emotion without football is impossible to live, to feel. I’m so grateful to be a coach, to work and experience this moment.”

Unfortunately for Poch, he was then faced with probably the last question he wanted to be asked by a different journalist in the press room.

“Mauricio, two questions. Will Harry Kane be fit for the final?”

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t get the chance to ask his second.

To the journalist in question: those Spurs players have just made history and you have the gall to ask about whether Harry Kane will be fit for the final? As your very first question?

As for Pochettino: what a reaction. That’s exactly how that line of questioning should be treated.

He’s magic, you know.