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07th Apr 2018

Manchester United fans all had the same reaction Graeme Souness’ analysis of Pogba’s performance

Souness is not a fan of Paul Pogba

Reuben Pinder

Souness has always been critical of Pogba

Graeme Souness is not a fan of Paul Pogba. It seems that whenever Souness is chosen to offer insight on a Manchester United game, he finds a way of criticising the midfielder.

For example: the time when Pogba only played 18 minutes but Souness insisted he wanted to see Pogba do more of what Marouane Fellaini does. Or the time he had a heated row with Jamie Carragher about the player. Or the time he wrote a column explaining how bad Pogba was. Or the time Souness accused him of being a “young man lost in the game.” 

You get the point. Today was no different.

Despite Pogba’s excellent second half, during which he scored two goals to level the scoring after Manchester City went into half-time with a two goal cushion, Souness still found a way to lambast the Frenchman for not doing it more often.

The former Liverpool player swallowed some pride and begrudgingly praised Pogba, but mostly for his athleticism and largely ignored his technical ability, calling for him to get forward more often.

Fans all seemed to have the same two reactions. Firstly, they were keen to enjoy Souness having to admit that Pogba had done something good. Secondly, they pointed out that there is a pattern behind Souness’ constant criticism of Pogba. It’s beyond preference, bordering on agenda.