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08th Apr 2018

Liverpool line up three year contract for Marouane Fellaini

This is not a joke

Reuben Pinder

Yes, you read that correctly

Transfer rumours are an ever present part of the footballing calendar now. No longer are they reserved for the quiet summers – every single day there is a new one and it’s impossible to ignore the circus, especially when they come up with stories like this.

Many transfer rumours can be discarded, chucked in the bin and forgotten about, but occasionally, there is weight behind them.

Now, Liverpool and Manchester United never do business with each other. Ever. The last player to almost move between the two northern powerhouses was Gabriel Heinze, but Sir Alex Ferguson stepped in and shipped him off to Real Madrid, appalled at the idea of a player moving to Liverpool from United.

Paul Ince too wanted to move from United to Liverpool, but Ferguson wouldn’t have it and sold him to Inter Milan. But the days of Sir Alex are long gone and with them, possibly this long held tradition.

Reputable French newspaper L’Equipe have reported this Sunday evening that Liverpool have drawn up a three year contract for United midfielder Marouane Fellaini. The Belgian is out of contract at the end of the season and United would be powerless to stop him if the offer were genuine.

I know, you’re thinking this is utter nonsense. Why would Jürgen Klopp want Fellaini? I’m afraid that’s a question I cannot answer, but L’Equipe are well renowned for their reliability – it’s unlikely that they’ve plucked this out of thin air.

The former Everton midfielder has not been selected in either of José Mourinho’s last two matchday squads so will almost definitely be on his way come the end of the season.

He will have other suitors too, including Besiktas who, given their recent record of taking washed up Premier League players, he would suit perfectly.