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23rd Apr 2019

Kelly Cates brilliantly recreates that awkward Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville video

Wil Jones

Well played

Earlier this month, a moment of Sky Sports coverage featuring presenter Kelly Cates and commentators Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville went viral.

Prior to Southampton match with Liverpool at St. Mary’s, Cate was interviewing the two pundits on the pitch. After Cates asked them a question,

Cates asked them: “After three wins in four – particularly after the win against Brighton – we’re expecting he [Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl] is going to be in a good mood. How significant was that last win?”

What happened next was weird. Carragher and Neville both turned and walked away whilst answering, and the camera followed the duo, leaving Cates standing forlornly in the background. It was odd, to say the least.

Now Kelly Cates has got her chance to turn the tables, in a promo spot for Wednesday night’s crucial Manchester derby.

Recreating the set up of the previous moment, Neville turns to Cates to ask her what night the derby is on. And she then walks off towards the camera, while Neville and Carragher are left behind.

The clip looks like it was filmed during coverage of Leicester City vs Newcastle United on Friday Night Football last weekend.

The initial video caused much confusion online, but Cates confirmed it was just a misunderstanding.

“They were going to interview [Southampton manager Ralph] Hasenhuttl in the tunnel! Would have looked weird if they didn’t have anything to say I (sic) the way there,” she tweeted after it spread on social media.