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18th Apr 2018

Kaka was “completely destroyed” under Mourinho at Real Madrid

"Jose Mourinho was a difficult coach for me"

Wayne Farry

The Brazilian legend has revealed just how difficult it was to work under Mourinho at Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho has a reputation for occasionally being a difficult person to work under. Throughout the years there have been numerous players with whom he has fallen out, with Manchester United’s Paul Pogba just the latest example.

Undeniably the most volatile period of his career however came at the Bernabeu, where he continually clashed with the team’s core group and attempted to stoke divisions between his players and their compatriots playing for rivals Barcelona.

Those wondering just how it feels to work under the Portuguese  coach – both then and now – could do well to listen to the words of former Madrid and AC Milan star, Kaka, who worked under him after his move from the San Siro in 2009.

Speaking to Brazilian website UOL Esporte, the retired midfielder revealed that his relationship with Mourinho was a major struggle.

“In 2009 I accepted the proposal of Real Madrid, but I was completely destroyed there because I could not give what I had given Milan, I was completely lost.”

“Jose Mourinho was a difficult coach for me and we had a respectful but complicated relationship.

“When I thought he would give me a chance, I couldn’t prove to him that I was in good shape.

“I trained, I fought and I prayed a lot, but having not received the confidence of the coach, I realised that I could not work with him.”

It wasn’t all necessarily negative though, as the 35-year-old did admit that he was pleased to receive some kind words from Mourinho.

“The joy I had was to receive a message when he left Real Madrid and said that I was one of the most professional players he worked with.”