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28th Jun 2018

‘I think Jurgen Klopp would find it hard to turn down the Germany job in future’

Something has to change in Germany

Conan Doherty

Something has to change in Germany

If it wasn’t arrogance that swept the camp of the world champions ahead of the trip to Russia, it was definitely at least some form of casualness.

If they didn’t overrate themselves, they underrated everyone else.

Everything from the reports of their preparation, the seeming disregard for obstacles in the tone of their interviews, the blind faith in the class of 2014 and the decision to leave one of the Premier League’s finest talents out of the 23-man squad completely echoed a sense that the Germans… well, they just had notions. Even as World Cup winners.

Before a tournament that would see them lose to Mexico and South Korea though, the inspired Ireland-esque decision was made to bestow a new contract on the manager – and not just any new contract, one that would take him to 2022, three more tournaments as it was.

But after propping up a group topped by bloody Sweden in the end, there’s unrest amongst supporters and a replacement for Joachim Low has being sought – by the mob at least.

The first name to come up? Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp has only had two full seasons with Liverpool so it seems unlikely that he’d jump ship now after flirting with such greatness with them but ultimately falling short so far.

Speaking on the daily JOE World Cup Minipod though, senior football correspondent Melissa Reddy explained that Jurgen Klopp would be interested in the Germany job. At some stage anyway.

Listen below from 20:09.

Reddy said that Klopp would find it hard to turn the job down, if it was offered to him in future.

“I think the German national team would like that very much. I think, eventually, Jurgen Klopp would like that very much,” she said.

“I think he’d find it hard to turn down the national team in future.

“What we’ve seen from Klopp is, when he is in the midst of a project, he is giving it absolutely everything until there’s nothing left. I don’t think he’s reached that point with Liverpool yet, I think he’s far from it.

“I think it’s something he’ll definitely do in future. The issue now for Germany is that there are no stand-out candidates that they can turn to who are ready to step in.”

Klopp is currently favourite to become the next permanent manager of Germany, after Low.

Next Germany manager:

Jurgen Klopp 3/1
Arsene Wenger 7/2
Jurgen Klinsmann 4/1
Julian Nagelsmann 8/1
Stefan Kuntz 10/1