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31st May 2019

WATCH: Jurgen Klopp analyses baby pictures of van Dijk and Milner

Kyle Picknell

Klopp: “Hahahaha… same haircut like today! I like that”

This is the content you need before a Champions League final. Let me just say that.

If you’re feeling nervous, this is all you need: big, smiley, happy Jurgen Klopp looking at the baby pictures of James Milner and Virgil van Dijk and giving them a bit of a light-hearted rinsing. This will take the edge off, Liverpool fans. Trust me.

First up is van Dijk and, essentially, Klopp cannot get over how handsome the Dutch centre back is, or even was as a child. No comment.

Although he does par him off ever so slightly by stating: “Ha ha ha it looks like the sister of Virgil van Dijk even though it probably is Virgil van Dijk himself!”

Savage, Jurgen. Savage.

In fairness, this one is great just to hear the Liverpool manager say “WOW!” and “He was much smaller than at the moment.”

Like I said: absolutely golden content.

And for dessert, here’s Klopp analysing baby Jimmy Milner, the only man on the planet capable of subsisting six months without water like a camel.

For Milly’s little piccy wiccy, Big Jurgz doesn’t really have much to say other than comment on the fact that James Milner literally has the exact same haircut as he did when he was a baby, the rarely-if-ever-seen ‘number 3 all over please boss’.

As Klopp puts it: “That’s consistency. Mr Consistent… that’s James Milner.”

After that, he just starts waxing lyrical about Milner’s all-round sporting ability, his qualities as a leader and how important he is for Klopp to have him in the Liverpool dressing room.

Oh, and that he can be “quite intense because he is demanding”, which doesn’t exactly surprise us. Take a look:

Thank you BT Sport for this, but please do produce just one more video of Klopp looking at a baby picture of¬†Martin ҆krtel and just saying “What the fuck is this???” over and over again. Please. I beg you. That is all I ask. “Ha ha ha what the fuck is this, a low level water Pok√©mon?”