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01st May 2019

James McClean shares card riddled with vile abuse sent to him on his birthday

Wil Jones

McClean posted images on the card on Twitter

Stoke City winger James McClean has shared images of a birthday card covered in sectarian abuse that was sent to him.

The shocking card was covered with terrifying hand-written messages scrawled all over the front, back and inside.

On the front of the card “and die” has been written under the Happy Birthday greeting.

“What this country needs is somebody called Hitler,” reads one of the many, many hateful messages inside. “He would have sorted the I.R.A. in a month.”

“You are a two-faced hypocritical bastard,” it continues. “You don’t like this country, and we don’t like you.”

It also describes the Irish as “inbred, subhuman parasites.”

April 22nd was McClean’s birthday.

James McClean has been targeted throughout his time in English football due to his decision to not wear the Remembrance Day poppy.

Last November, he hit out that “uneducated cavemen” who abused him during a game with Middlesbrough and thanked those who supported his stance.

In March, he was filmed being abused by QPR fans during Stoke City’s game at Loftus Road.

The Republic of Ireland midfielder is also set to receive damages after he launched defamation proceedings against a Belfast councillor who falsely referred to him as a “super Provo” on a radio broadcast.