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23rd Jun 2018

Hector Bellerin hits back at Alan Brazil over diet criticism

Bellerin didn't forget

Darragh Murphy

Hector Bellerin has not forgotten that his vegan diet was criticised by talkSPORT presenter Alan Brazil last month.

The fact that Brazil was ridiculing a modern-day professional football player in the shape of his life did not sit well with several supporters and Bellerin was waiting for the perfect time to respond.

The claim from Brazil came after Arsenal’s Europa League semi-final elimination at the hands of Atletico Madrid last month, with the 59-year-old claiming that Bellerin should “get a steak down him”, preferably raw, insisting “that’ll help.”

Bellerin, who was left out of Spain’s World Cup squad, is enjoying some time off this summer and posted a photograph to Instagram on Friday evening which showed off his physique.

Brazil’s employer, talkSPORT, replied to Bellerin’s post by telling the Gunners full-back that he was “looking good”.

And Bellerin had a brutal burn in his back pocket as he accepted the compliment, but not before he joked that he couldn’t “say the same for Alan.”

Bellerin has been very vocal about the health benefits of his relatively new vegan diet and despite Brazil’s advice, we shouldn’t expect 23-year-old to change it up any time soon.

“I’ve been vegan since the beginning of the season more or less,” he told the Players’ Tribune. “At the beginning I wanted to try it for a couple of weeks to detox my body and stuff, but I just felt so great after it that I’ve been doing it for six months now.

“For me the most important thing is that inflammation in my body after games and the speed that my body recovers compared to before. I’ve always had little problems in my ankles when I played very hard games, they’d get very inflamed and stiff. Now I don’t even have to strap them to play anymore. It doesn’t just make a difference in your body but I strongly believe that with what we’re doing to the earth paying back the earth too.

“Getting rid of all the food I was eating and going to this plant based diet it did take those few days to actually feel better, but when it got to the beginning of the third week I felt so good.

“I was waking up in the mornings and had so much energy whereas before I used to be that person who would snooze the alarm five times before they got out of bed.”