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27th Oct 2021

Father of autistic son shares heartwarming story of first Arsenal match

Callum Boyle

A great gesture from the Arsenal staff

An Arsenal fan has shared a heartwarming story of taking his son to his first game in which he praised the kindness of the staff who helped his child.

The fan explained that his son was autistic and the Carabao Cup tie against Leeds United on Tuesday night would be the first time he would be taking his child to the Emirates Stadium.

In a series of posts on Twitter explaining the story, the fan said his son had been “buzzing all day for it” however “he struggled with about 50,000 people shouting and was having a hard time.”

As a result, the father decided that it would be best to leave before being stopped by a steward on their way to the exit.

“She asked me to hold on and contacted someone else,” he recalled.

Next thing he knew, they were being guided to another section of the stadium where they were introduced to a sensory room.

A sensory room is a purpose-built area which is used as a therapeutic space for children with autism and other learning difficulties to feel relaxed with the variety of equipment on offer.

The father was full of praise for the staff, saying: “The bloke running the room, Luke Howard, was fantastic with everyone in there & between him & the stewards that helped, turned the night into a great memory. Thank you.”

A fantastic memory for both dad and son on the first, of which will hopefully be, many more visits to the Emirates.

To add to an already-perfect night in the stands, the team on the pitch also helped to deliver, beating Leeds 2-0 after second-half goals from Calum Chambers and Eddie Nketiah secured their passage to the next round.