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01st Jul 2018

Everybody’s got their own explanation for Sergio Ramos’ new haircut

A tale of two hairstyles

Darragh Murphy

Maybe Sergio Ramos didn’t know which hairstyle to go with so decided to split his head into two different haircuts.

Ramos is adamant that he opened the scoring in Spain’s shock defeat to Russia on Sunday but replays appeared to show that the deadlock was in fact broken by an own goal courtesy of the rugby-tackling Russian defender Sergei Ignashevich.

But Ramos celebrated as if he’d got the final touch and supporters got a good look at the Spanish centre-half’s new hairdo as he sprinted towards a pitchside camera.

Viewers got plenty of chances to see Ramos’ hairstyle as the game ended up in extra time thanks to an equaliser from the penalty spot before half-time.

Over the course of the 120 minutes and subsequent penalty shootout, everybody had their own explanation for Ramos’ split haircut.

The left side of Ramos’ hair looked like a classic fade but the right side is much more drastic, inspiring several online theories about what might have happened.

There were suggestions that Mohamed Salah was involved.

While others claimed that Ramos simply had to run out of the barbershop before it could be finished.

It was posited that perhaps Ramos had enlisted the help of a blind barber.

The majority of supporters were in agreement, however, that it was just a bad call from the Real Madrid defender.