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08th Jul 2021

England team’s Sweet Caroline celebration is just as beautiful to watch the morning after

Charlie Herbert

Watch it. Drink it in.

It’s become the unofficial England anthem of Euro 2020. Sweet Caroline has been a staple of weddings, parties – and cricket – for years now, a timeless classic with one of the most anthemic sing-along choruses you could imagine.

This summer it has soundtracked each and every England win at Wembley, being played after every game, and belted out in full voice by all present.

It sounded great after the Germany win. It sounded amazing on Wednesday.

As the England players, staff and manager paraded around the pitch after making history, Wembley serenaded their heroes to Neil Diamond’s classic once again, and the players loved every second.

So if you’re after an pick me up to ease a sore head, or you simply need reminding that it did in fact happen and that England will be in a final on Sunday, enjoy the clip below.

After the 15 months or so that we’ve all had, Sweet Caroline may be the ideal tonic. The most unifying song that you could have. Reaching out, touching me, touching you.

And it looks like the England boys love it as well. Perhaps if England go and win the thing on Sunday, we can get it to number one. Although it may be difficult to stop that crown going to Baddiel and Skinner once again to be fair.

So sing it loud and sing it proud. Stick those hands out. Because we could be in for a quite incredible few days.

I’m also sure Neil Diamond isn’t complaining about his song getting a few more streams and downloads…