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29th Apr 2018

‘He is a tramp’: TV pundit takes aim at Jose Mourinho over treatment of Arsene Wenger

"He is a tramp, Mourinho, to be truthful"

Robert Redmond

“Mourinho is a no-class individual.”

Eamon Dunphy has been speaking about the rivalry between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, ahead of Manchester United’s game with Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday, and he had some choice words for the United manager.

The veteran Irish football pundit called Mourinho a “no-class individual” and a “tramp” because of the “cruel things” he has said about Wenger over the years.

The Frenchman is set to leave Arsenal at the end of the season after 22 years as manager of the Gunners. In past, Mourinho has called him a “voyeur” and a “specialist in failure.” The United manager said on Friday that he regrets some of these clashes and that he hopes Wenger gets a good reception at Old Trafford on Sunday.

However, Dunphy hasn’t forgiven Jose and he took aim at the United manager.

“Mourinho is a no-class individual. Whatever you say about Wenger, he has a bit of French, a bit of Gallic,” Dunphy said on Game On, a sports show on Irish radio station 2FM.

“He is a very intense man and I think he will probably feel the same contempt for Mourinho as a person that we all feel. They will go through the motions perhaps. I think Mourinho’s press conference today spoke very highly of Wenger but that’s just sentiment. Mourinho’s behaviour has been appalling, not just with Wenger but with everyone, particularly Wenger.

“He has said some very cruel things which he considers to be gamesmanship but I consider to be just disgusting really. He is a tramp, Mourinho, to be truthful.”