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02nd Nov 2021

Diego Simeone explains why he won’t shake Jurgen Klopp’s hand

Callum Boyle

Simeone has explained why he doesn’t shake hands with managers

Diego Simeone has explained why he won’t shake Jurgen Klopp’s hand after the game between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night.

Simeone was criticised during the last meeting between the two teams a fortnight ago after he refused to shake the hand of Klopp following the 3-2 defeat, with BT Sport pundit Joleon Lescott on the night describing it as “cowardly.”

However this is not out of the ordinary for Simeone, who is known for doing this after every match. And in order to clear the confusion and prove there is no bad blood between him and Klopp, the Argentine coach has explained his reasoning behind it.

As per the Athletic, the Atlético boss said: “I don’t like the greeting after the match because they are the emotions of two sides in different emotional minds.

“I know in the UK it is a custom but I don’t share it and I don’t like the falseness it may include.

“I don’t know Klopp as a person very well but I know he is a great coach who has done great work at every club he has been at.”

Klopp was also asked about the situation and admitted that whilst he previously didn’t realise this was Simeone’s preference, he has no ill feelings and understands his choice.

He said: “I respect a lot what he’s doing. Absolutely exceptional against a lot of strong sides year after year, really impressive.

“If I’d known he didn’t do it, I wouldn’t have gone for it. I expect we will shake hands before the game tomorrow.”

Liverpool are currently top of Group B having won every game so far and another three points at Anfield on Wednesday night will all-but seal their places in the Champions League knockouts.

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