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02nd May 2019

Chelsea’s new home kit is being compared to a bus seat


Not ideal lads

Chelsea’s 2019/20 home kit has done something a Chelsea home kit hasn’t done in a number of years: it has some kind of actual design element to it.

For the most part, Chelsea’s past home shirts have been completely unmemorable affairs, with Nike rolling out the same identikit plain blue template without much thought.

Last season’s iteration at least made some kind of effort with a few horizontal coloured lines, but that was about it.

Now, they’ve gone completely in the opposite direction with this, the 19/20 shirt, featuring a love it or hate it, comic book-style scribble design across the entire thing.

Reportedly the design incorporates imagery from the club’s historic Stamford Bridge stadium, but you’d really have to squint to make out any of it.

Unfortunately for the club, one Twitter user has compared the shirt to the pattern you’d usually find on a bus seat. You know, the kind specifically placed there so passengers don’t notice the dirt and grime they’re actually sitting in.

Needless to say, put the two side by side and the results aren’t pretty. Not a good look lads. Not a good look at all.