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21st Apr 2021

Calls for Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher to be knighted after Super League battle

Danny Jones

They’ve been the kings of Monday Night Football for years, now fans want Neville and Carragher to be made Knights of the Realm

The last 48-hours have been an absolute rollercoaster for everyone that loves football, but they’ve also been a testament to the power of fans when they all club together toward a common goal. Rivalries and tribalism were put aside for the sake of the sport and though the war is long, we won a huge battle.

When The Super League was announced, people were full of praise for both Gary Neville’s immediate, impassioned response and only more so when he was joined by Jamie Carragher and his objection on Monday Night Football (MNF) the following evening. It was a gripping watch and you can see the full thing down below:

They both spoke candidly about the need to “mobilise”, to fight against these “scavengers” and that they believed it could be stopped. They didn’t relent on their respective social media channels either, with both Neville and Carragher continuing to spur supporters on. Now, after their heroic efforts, people are calling for them to receive knighthoods.

Moreover, it wasn’t insignificant that the ex-pros and punditry pair were willing to call themselves out live on Sky Sports for being “complicit” in many of the challenges the game has faced since the Premier League started in 1992.

They also went on reference the fact that they hadn’t been vocal regarding their respective clubs’ management. While they may not have been part of Sky at the beginning and still employed by the likes of FSG and The Glazers for some time, they were clearly aware that they have played a part in a much larger problem.

As fellow football fans, we are grateful and immensely proud of every single person that stood up and fought for our game – the beautiful game. If people want to give Neville and Carragher a knighthood for their services to sport and this country, that’s something we can get behind.

Sir Carra and Sir Nev. Does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?