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05th Mar 2018

Alan Shearer simply had to respond to Jermaine Jenas’ claim about Newcastle career

Shearer never had an issue with it

Darragh Murphy

Jermaine Jenas’ theory about why he failed to accomplish everything he wanted at Newcastle simply doesn’t hold water in Alan Shearer’s mind.

Jenas lamented his shortcomings as a player at the weekend, when he tried to explain why he never reached the level he feels he should have.

“I do live with some regrets. I didn’t set out to achieve what I wanted to achieve in the game,” Jenas said on BT Sport.

The former Newcastle and Spurs midfielder was always a reliable player but failed to kick on to the highest standard during his time in the Premier League.

Jenas hung up his boots in 2014 at the age of 31 and he’s since carved out a successful career for himself as a pundit.

But his theory about why he struggled in his three years at Newcastle did nothing to endear himself to fans of the Magpies.

The 35-year-old claimed that he used to raise his game while on international duty but when he returned to club action, where he’d be “miles ahead of everybody”, he’d allow his levels to drop to that of his teammates.

“I always felt that when I came back from England, my levels went up. Then I could almost feel them dwindle as the weeks went on,” Jenas said.

“Training with England was at such an intense level and everyone wants to be in the team. I’d come back to Newcastle and I’d be up here, miles ahead of everybody.

“Because the demand wasn’t as high at Newcastle as it was with England, my standards just dropped and dropped and dropped gradually throughout the weeks until you brought yourself back to Newcastle level.”

Well Newcastle’s greatest ever player, who managed to juggle his club and international career with no issues whatsoever, has laughed off Jenas’ theory.

Alan Shearer took to Twitter to sarcastically apologise for being unable to match Jenas’ standards.