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09th Sep 2015

Football Manager regen to share a stage with Diego Maradona

Virtual insanity...

Tom Victor

The Ivica Strok story just gets better and better.

The Celtic and Croatia striker has won pretty much every honour in the game and has fans from the other side of the world buying shirts with his name on. It’s sometimes easy to forget he isn’t real.

Strok, for those unfamiliar with the worldwide sensation, is a regen developed by Football Manager’s game engine. And now his online mythology is about to get that bit better with a spot at the National Football Museum in Manchester.

Jonny Sharples, who uncovered Strok’s talents during his Football Manager exploits, described it as “the most ridiculous thing ever”.

“It’s all very strange and ridiculous that a regen from my Football Manager game is going to have a shirt housed in the same museum as the shirt Diego Maradona was wearing when he did the Hand Of God,” he told JOE.

“It’s also odd, or maybe just in keeping with Ivica and his exploits, that some people weren’t completely sure if I was joking or not when I broke the news.”

As well as Strok’s famous number 10 shirt, the exhibition will feature notable elements of other iconic football games.

Would Strok be honoured to share a stage with Maradona, or would Maradona be honoured to share a stage with Strok?