Meet the football manager whose assistant coach is a dog 3 years ago

Meet the football manager whose assistant coach is a dog

Dogs are great, it's an indisputable fact

Whether it's a dog in the park or a dog in the street, they brighten your day no end, with their hilarious faces and funny walks.


One would think that football is a separate world from the world of dogs. Sure, football is great, but what can a dog add to what is already a phenomenal game of sport? Well, a lot actually.

Dogs, as previously mentioned, are great. So why not combine them with the best sport in the world? Thankfully, I am not alone in this thought process, silently begging Jose Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri to enlist dogs to help them out.


No, I am not alone, because it has emerged that there is a Paraguayan football coach who - yes you better believe it - has an assistant coach that is not a human, but a real dog.

The dog was reportedly a stray at one point before the coach fed him an empanada, at which point the dog swore fealty to him for now and forever.

The coach's name is Carlos Jara Saguier and he is the manager of Club 2 de Mayo in the Paraguayan Segunda Division and he both oversees matches and training sessions with his trusty stead by his side.


Speaking to the newspaper Cronica, Saguier explained how the relationship between himself and his canine assistant works.

"She lives in the clubhouse, she never gets away from me and when I close the doors to go home and she stays there, she gets a little bit annoyed. By day it is friendly and everyone loves it," he said.


"She comes with me on the field, in the offices, in the corridors and she does not want anyone to leave her, she's my partner in this adventure with this club. Does she stay with me on the bench? Sometimes yes, often. When I enter the field she doesn't allow anyone to approach. [If they do] she shows her teeth.

"Once I gave her a piece of empanada and from that day we are no longer separated, we call it [Tesapara] because of the changing color of its eyes in the morning and then in the evening its iris changes color. The thing that makes you laugh is that during training it also tries to imitate the movements of the players. Now we can say that it is one of us, in all things."