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20th Sep 2016

Manchester City must be hoping their new third kit will make them even more like Barcelona

Pep Guardiola is already making an impact.

Tom Victor

A third kit offers football clubs the opportunity to have a bit of fun.

It won’t be worn too many times – often it’s reserved for away cup games or those rare occasions where your first and second choice strips both somehow clash with your opponents’ colours.

It has led to things like this Rayo Vallecano effort, designed to raise breast cancer awareness.

And this Everton launch, complete with an illustration from a Marvel cartoonist.

Manchester City are the latest Premier League club to unveil a third kit for the 2016/17 season, and they have said it will be used for away games in domestic and continental cup competitions.


Made by Nike, the new strip has the word ‘City’ knitted into the back of the collar and ‘Est. 1894’ on the inside of the cuffs.

Nike have described the orange-and-blue concoction as ‘a bold new kit blending two unexpected colours to create a distinctive look that reflects the vibrancy and creativity at the heart of both club and city.’

But other people have spotted another resemblance – suggesting it looks a great deal like something Barcelona might turn out in.

First they appoint Barcelona’s former captain and head coach, then they sign their goalkeeper, and then they add what some have deemed a copycat kit.

What next? Trying to raid Arsenal for Catalan star Hector Bellerin? Oh.

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