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02nd Nov 2015

Eva Carneiro launches individual legal claim against Jose Mourinho

Tom Victor

The fallout from Chelsea’s opening-day draw against Swansea continues to haunt Jose Mourinho.

The manager is now thought to be the subject of an individual legal claim from former club doctor Eva Carneiro, according to PA Sport.

Carneiro left the club in the aftermath of Mourinho’s response to her entering the field of play against Swansea, and issued a strongly-worded statement after her departure.

And now the Gibraltarian medic, who is thought to be plotting a return to football, has decided to take action against Mourinho directly amid separate rumours of a constructive dismissal action against the club.

Such a legal action could require Mourinho to appear in person if Carneiro’s case against him makes it to court.

The former Real Madrid manager escaped FA action over comments he is alleged to have made about the former Blues official, but the dispute shows no signs of ending.