England fan reveals ingenious Twitter thread, hours before Euro 2020 final 2 months ago

England fan reveals ingenious Twitter thread, hours before Euro 2020 final

Whisper it, but football might actually be coming home

Fair play, @MrDuperouzel. Fair play indeed. This, no matter what happens at Wembley later on, will take some beating. Actually, no. That's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but still... What we're about to show you is very, very impressive nonetheless.


May 19. Remember it? Nope. Us neither. That's because May 19 was a long, long time ago. So long ago, in fact, the Premier League season still had another week to run. Euro 2020 still seemed quite a long way off. The final of Euro 2020 seemed like the distant future. But this was the date that @MrDuperouzel started a Twitter thread which, only should England make it to the all the way to the final, would the world ever come to understand the meaning behind.

Hours before kick-off between Gareth Southgate's side and Italy, he shared the final tweet.

"You've got to admire my confidence," it read. "Want to know EXACTLY how confident I am about this England team? Read the first words of my tweets."

Reading the first words of every one of his tweets all the way back to May 19, @MrDuperouzel has managed to write the lyrics to John Barnes' famous rap in New Order's World In Motion.


Take a minute to think about the planning that's gone into that. How, given England haven't played in a major final since 1966, could anyone possibly be arsed going to so much trouble when the chances were it would all end in the usual disappointment?

Outstanding stuff.

Off Twitter, England fans struggled to contain their excitement ahead of kick-off. Thousands upon thousands gathered in London's Leicester Square in the hours before the game.  King's Cross Station was even temporarily closed after England fans let off flares outside.

Imagine if they actually win?