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19th Jun 2023

<strong>Declan Rice surprises kids from his hometown</strong>

Callum Boyle

Declan Rice

Rice was also reunited with his mentor

West Ham star Declan Rice surprised local kids from his hometown at Dickerage Sports and Community Centre in Kingston.

In partnership with Müller Rice, the England international arrived in a bright red truck before truck before bursting out and singing “Rice Rice Baby” into a megaphone.

Those children in attendance couldn’t believe their eyes and even left their own training sessions to go and welcome the Conference League winner.

Rice then lead the kids through a series of favourite drills that he did as a child on the very same grounds. He cheered on the children as they attempted penalties, kicking the ball into the Müller Rice targets, and celebrated their wins with high fives and flying hugs.

After handing out a series of Müller Rice pots in a variety of flavours to the children, the midfielder then took time to answer some questions in which he revealed that Mark Noble was his favourite West Ham player and that winning the Conference League was the best moment in his career.

Declan Rice

The Hammers captain was then reunited with his former mentor, Daniel Slocombe, who said “he was the most talented sportsman I’ve ever seen – hundred percent”. Slocombe then showed Rice a wall dedicated to his career, celebrating his success and inspiring those who want to follow in his footsteps.  

Declan Rice

He added: “Declan has worked so hard to get where he is. It’s amazing to watch him and see that path. Despite all his success, he never forgets where he comes from, and it’s wonderful to see his partnership with Müller Rice giving these children an unforgettable experience.”

Lushanthi Edirisooriya, Brand Manager for Müller, has said “We are thrilled to have Declan partnering with Müller Rice and it was absolutely brilliant to see him share his enthusiasm for the product with his local community.

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