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18th Feb 2017

Dean Saunders embarrassed himself with his tactical advice for Arsenal

This would require a fundamental change to the rules of the sport...

Robert Redmond

This would require a fundamental change to the rules of the sport.

Everyone seems to have a theory on how the fix the problems at Arsenal.

Particularly this guy:

Most Arsenal fans seem to think the club will be transformed into genuine title contenders if they replace Arsene Wenger with one of European football’s super managers.

Others feel the team lack leaders on the pitch, others feel they need to add some steel to the midfield and some think it would be a good start if Francis Coquelin just f****** tackled someone.

However, Dean Saunders is thinking outside the box.

The former Liverpool and Wales striker reckons Wenger should play an innovative 5-2-4 formation. This would give them a clear advantage over the opposition, and an extra player for when one of the Gunners inevitably go missing.

Saunders was on Sky Sports News HQ on Friday morning, and criticised Arsenal’s tactics in their humiliating 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich.

He asked why Wenger didn’t mirror Antonio Conte’s tactics at Chelsea and play with wing-backs and three central defenders.

The former Wolves manager unwittingly, we think, called for Arsenal to play with 12 players when explaining how the team would play.

“The back three stay where you are. The two wing-backs don’t go over the half-way line,” Saunders said.

“The two centre-midfield players stay in front of the back three. And your four up front, if you want to hold the European Cup up at the end of the season, you’re going to have to sacrifice your own game tonight.

“We’re playing Bayern Munich. Do all the donkey work and let’s get through the tie.”

It’s an original idea, we’ll give him that.

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