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02nd Mar 2017

David Haye’s comment to Tony Bellew just ahead of their fight is chilling

Has this crossed the line?

Robert Redmond

This is a step too far.

Trash talk is part of boxing and combat sports in general, and it in many cases it’s understandable.

It generates interest, which helps fill arenas and entice people to pay to watch the event at home on television.

Hardly any fighter is immune to talking trash and taunting his opponent. However, when the fight is over, most are usually respectful towards their opponent.

We can’t see that occurring on Saturday.

It feels as though the heavyweight bout between David Haye and Tony Bellew has crossed the line from talking trash to sell the fight to genuine animosity.

It seems apparent that the two just really don’t like each other.

The pair had to be separated following Bellew’s victory over BJ Flores last October after getting into a heated exchange.

Earlier this week, Haye said he plans to hospitalise” his opponent and “do a complete and utter destruction job” on Bellew in London on Saturday.

The 36-year-old also called his opponents fans “f**king retards.”

Haye, who is already facing an investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control for his previous comments about Bellew, may have saved his most chilling comment for last.

Ahead of Saturday’s bout, the former WBA Heavyweight champion has told Bellew to:

“Enjoy your last days. There’s not going to be another day: this is the last day for you. That’s it: it’s over.”

We can write this off as yet another publicity-seeking comment. But considering fighters have died or suffered serious debilitating injuries in the ring, this might be a step too far by Haye.

He wasn’t done yet though.

“I’m legally allowed to do as much damage [to] him as I can inflict for 36 minutes with 10 ounce gloves on,” the boxer said.

“He says he’s going to keep getting up: I hope that’s the case.

“Make sure your little rat coach [Dave Coldwell] doesn’t throw the towel in to try and save you for another day. Make sure your boy doesn’t throw in the towel. He’s got under my skin, he’s chased me for a year and a half, really made things personal. I’ll make sure he never, ever, ever does that again.

Haye also appeared on talkSPORT on Thursday, and said there was no point in Bellew earning millions from the fight, because, after it, he won’t be “in a physical state to spend it and enjoy it.”

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