Cristiano Ronaldo to become Premier League's highest-ever paid player 10 months ago

Cristiano Ronaldo to become Premier League's highest-ever paid player

CR7 was hardly going to take a pay-cut, was he?

Cristiano Ronaldo took United, City and football fans in general on quite the rollercoaster ride this weekend when he secured a surprise return to the red half of Manchester.


Reds were relieved all those mock-ups of him a blue shirt never became a reality and were also stunned that a deal for one of the best players in the world was wrapped up so quickly and on the cheap. Well, sort of...


The deal itself is estimated to be for around £12.85m, rising closer to £20m with a further £6.85m in add-ons. Sounds pretty good for one of the most lethal goalscorers on the planet right? Thing is, the 36-year-old's wages are (pretends to be shocked), absolutely massive.

Though a definite figure is yet to be confirmed (they're rarely ever 100% accurate), it is believed that Ronaldo will become the most well-played player in the league once it's all completed, with reports of over £560,000 a week. That's according to The Telegraph, who cited that this was the amount Alexis Sanchez was paid during his torrid time at Old Trafford.

Not only will it make him the highest-paid player in the division, it will make him the highest-paid Premier League player ever. It's not quite the £1 million a week that Messi is said to be earning at PSG but somehow we think he'll manage.

Let's face it, Ronaldo was never likely to arrive on a reduced wage and certainly not having seen his rival and counterpart complete, arguably, one of the biggest transfers ever.


Regardless of how ridiculous the money may be, one thing we know for sure is that he'll score goals. He's Cristiano Ronaldo - that's what he does. Age is just a number there isn't a footballer on the planet who better exemplifies that.

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