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26th Nov 2018

Chesterfield are on their worst run in club history, but also one of their best

Kyle Picknell

What? Exactly.

The football stat gods have blessed us once again with a fantastic peculiarity regarding the form of Chesterfield, who currently sit 19th in the relegation zone of the National League.

Somehow, they have managed to draw all eight of their most recent fixtures in the league, which has equalled the club’s record of drawn matches. Not only that, but six of those matches finished with the exact same scoreline of 1-1.

Fortunately for Chesterfield fans, there is something of a silver lining in the fact that if you analyse their form in all competitions, they are actually unbeaten in 11.

That equates to Chesterfield’s best run without a loss for twelve years. If this was an Opta tweet I’d end it with a simple “Perspective.” but it isn’t, so I’m not going to do that. Or am I? Perspective.

Alternatively though, if you go back to their league form, their run of winless games stands at 18, which, as you might have guessed, is also another (joint) club record.

Take it away Alonzo Mourning.

When you haven’t won in 18 league games but you’re also unbeaten in eight.

Shoutout to Jonny Blain, stats-man for BT Sport and BBC for discovering this gem. Truly, you are doing the lord’s work.

Oh, and a special mention to the Chesterfield fans that have had to sit through 18 games without a win and eight draws in a row.

It’ll probably get better. Probably.