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15th Sep 2022

Jamie Carragher rips into ‘incredibly arrogant’ Todd Boehly ideas

Simon Lloyd

‘He hasn’t even proven himself as a good owner of Chelsea yet…’

Jamie Carragher has described Todd Boehly’s recent comments about how the Premier League could ‘learn lessons’ from American sports as ‘incredibly arrogant’, saying the 48-year-old should prove himself as a capable owner of Chelsea first.

Speaking at the Salt conference in New York earlier this week, Boehly, who assumed control at Stamford Bridge earlier this year, suggested a Premier League All-Star game should be considered by the league, along with a four-team tournament to decide which clubs are relegated.

Carragher appeared alongside Thierry Henry and Micah Richards on CBS’s Champions League coverage on Wednesday. The former Arsenal striker, who played in an All-Star game during his time in Major League Soccer, made it clear he was against the idea, explaining that European football doesn’t work the same was as American sport.

Carragher had sat with his head in his hands as presenter Kate Abdo read out Boehly’s comments, following Henry in his criticism of the idea.

“I’ll be honest with you, when I look at that statement I think it’s incredibly arrogant to speak about a league you don’t know.

“I’m not as strong as Thierry, I don’t think we should ever discount ideas. The Premier League is an international league with owners, managers, players, and that’s what makes it the best.

“I don’t particularly like those ideas but I think to come and speak like that, when he’s not even proved he can run a Premier League club well yet – he’s sacked a manager after three games having spent ¬£250m, so straight away you’re thinking that’s not right.

“To speak like that when you’ve been somewhere for, I don’t know, six weeks, and you’re talking about ‘we’re going to bring what we do in other American sport,’ I just think how the American public would feel if an English Premier League club owner went to the NFL and was saying ‘we do this in the Premier League…’

“I think it’s incredibly arrogant to speak like that.”

He added: “Listen, there’s nothing wrong with ideas but I don’t think many people agree with them. I don’t, Thierry doesn’t. Some people may differ, but speak like that when you’ve been in the country for such a short time and he hasn’t even proven himself as a good owner of Chelsea yet.”

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