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07th Sep 2020

Mike Tyson reveals how he’s been getting in shape for Roy Jones Jr fight

Mike Tyson discusses the workout protocol he is following ahead of his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr on November 28th

Alex Roberts

Iron Mike has lost a serious amount of weight ahead of the bout

Mike Tyson has revealed the workout plan and protocol he is following ahead of his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

The 54-year-old retired from boxing in 2005 after an illustrious career. Although he has since stepped back into the ring for a few post-retirement exhibition bouts, this upcoming fight arguably sees Tyson in his best physical condition in years.

He has lost as much as 100 pounds since 2018.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience, Tyson said:

“I’m doing little / light weights with lots of reps and explosive movements.

“Getting in shape isn’t easy, it’s continuous stuff. It’s consistency.”

Mike Tyson previously lost a lot of weight on the vegan diet, but says he is no longer plant-based. He now views food for its purpose in nourishing the body, not something eaten for enjoyment.

He said: “I realised things that are good for other people like the kale and the vegetables and the blueberries, I think for me it’s really poisonous.

“That stuff’s not good for my blood type and my health conditions.”

Tyson said he struggled with veganism and would often not eat enough, sometimes going two or three days without eating anything. He says his wife would call him “the miserable vegan”.

It may surprise you to learn that Tyson’s personal trainer does not come from a boxing background. His name is Brad Rowe, and he’s a former bodybuilder-turned-bodybuilding coach.

Tyson says trains a minimum of five days per week with Rowe, and even gets an extra workout in on Saturdays if he’s bored.

Speaking to Muscular Development magazine, Mike Tyson’s trainer Rowe says:

“Mike boxes six days a week. He eats something small, then drives over to my house.”

Tyson’s fight against Roy Jones Jr is set to take place on November 28th at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson City, California.