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23rd Sep 2015

Aston Villa fan loses his sh*t after catching Jack Grealish’s shirt (Video)


Conan Doherty

They just can’t get enough of the Irish/English man.

One Villa fan absolutely lost the plot with euphoria when he caught Jack Grealish’s shirt after an important cup win over Birmingham at Villa Park on Tuesday night.

We knew Grealish was a big hit in his native Midlands – we just didn’t realise that the 20-year-old was this idolised by grown men.

The attacking midfielder threw his jersey into the crowd after the game and the lad who caught it couldn’t contain his joy. While we really hope he gives it to the ecstatic kid that was with him, judging by his reaction, it seems that he won’t be parting with the sweat-drenched shirt any time soon.

Meanwhile, Jordan Amavi just didn’t have enough stuff to give away.

He did the honourable thing and tossed his shirt and shorts to the gathering of Villa fans.

Seemingly, that still wasn’t enough, as supporters could be heard asking for his socks, too.

Fair play to him though – he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Thanks to Thomas Curran for sending the Jordan Amavi video our way.