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23rd Apr 2017

Arsene Wenger torn asunder after ambitious comments about midfielder Aaron Ramsey

Piers Morgan unsurprisingly leads the criticism

Darragh Murphy

Even Aaron Ramsey’s biggest fans will think this comparison is a bit unrealistic.

Ramsey has the potential to be a great player, when he’s fit and on his game, but manager Arsene Wenger has perhaps gone a bit over-the-top in his assessment of the Welshman’s potential.

Wenger has compared Ramsey to arguably the greatest midfielder ever to grace the Premier League, which has resulted in the latest wave of criticism aimed in the Gunners boss’s direction.

“In my head Ramsey was going to be a player between 10 and 15 goals a year,” Wenger said of Ramsey ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final meeting with Manchester City.

“He is a Frank Lampard type. He is [about] getting in the box and he has a huge capacity to run. Physically, he has a combination of stamina, power and his capacity to repeat high intensity is certainly the best in the league.

“This season has been very frustrating for Aaron. I looked the other day, he has started seven games in the Premier League.

“When I realised that, it was unbelievable, but it’s because of injuries – and not big ones. Every time it’s a niggling one and when he came back from those – boom – a little calf – boom – a little hamstring.”

One look at the goalscoring records of both Lampard and Ramsey proves just how ambitious Wenger’s comparison is as Lampard found the net 211 times in 648 games for Chelsea, a return of roughly a goal every three games, while Ramsey has scored 45 goals in 248 games for Arsenal.

Lampard also reached double-figures for Premier League goals in 10 successive seasons while Ramsey only managed to score 10 league goals in one season, the 2013/14 campaign.

The biggest criticism of Ramsey has been his fitness issues and his failure to remain a consistent part of Wenger’s team also shows how very different he is to the Chelsea legend, who once made 164 consecutive appearances for the Blues.

It was a comparison that was never going to go down well and vocal #WengerOut campaigner Piers Morgan led the abuse.