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22nd Sep 2023

Arsenal legend facing psychiatric report for ‘attacking neighbour’s garage with chainsaw’

Callum Boyle


The Arsenal legend has shown several signs of anti-social behaviour

Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann is reportedly facing a psychiatric report after several reports of anti-social behaviour.

The German made over 200 appearances for Arsenal and was a part of the 2003/04 invincibles side. He was also capped 61 times by Germany.

Since his retirement in 2010, the former goalkeeper has been busy and held coaching roles at Arsenal and Stuttgart and even spent time on the board at Hertha Berlin.

However in a report from BILD, Lehmann has been involved in a number of worrying activities which has seen him summoned by a German court to face a psychiatric report for an anti-social personality disorder.

Criminal defense attorney Dr Adam Ahmed said: “A court sees the need to obtain a psychiatric report and orders it in order to check guilt.

“These actions (of Lehmann) suggest a suspected diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder, in which the affected person has little empathy for others and often disregards rules and norms.”

Police have claimed that the 53-year-old was caught damaging the roof beam on his neighbour’s garage with a chainsaw in July last year because it supposedly blocked his view of Lake Starnberg in Bavaria.

Lehmann is also accused of dodging parking fees by speeding under a barrier at Munich Airport as well as being alleged to have insulted police officers when they attempted to confiscate his driving licence on a separate occasion after he was caught using his phone while driving.

If all of the alleged allegations go to trial, BILD claim that Lehmann could face a suspended sentence if found guilty due to his criminal record.

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