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24th Jun 2024

Anthony Joshua wants to open a care home for retired boxers

Harry Warner

Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury in one corner, Oleksandr Usyk in the other, both sat on recliners

Anthony Joshua has said he wants to open a care home for retired boxers as part of his sporting legacy.

The former two-time unified world heavy-weight champion spoke about a variety of topics including his family and legacy on BBC Radio Four’s Desert Islands Discs, where he mentioned the idea.

Joshua said he had the idea of a care home for retired boxers with health problems after discussions with his former boxing coach from his amateur days, John Oliver.

He said: “He’s [John Oliver] come from a generation where a lot of boxers that retired had bad health issues and were just left alone.

“They suffer by themselves, so we’ve been speaking about opening up a care home. That would be part of my boxing legacy, that I gave something back to the sport that made me.”

The 34-year-old also spoke about the impact the sport has on his health and the health of boxers.

He said: “The one thing I would hope the most is to keep my health intact. Because it’s your health that is the most important thing you’re ­putting on the line.

“None of us fighters talk about our health after.”

Throughout the radio show, Joshua talked about how boxing helped turn his life around after often finding himself in trouble when he was younger.

The boxer also spoke about his son, suggesting he would not want him to follow his footsteps into boxing.

Joshua said: “If I was to choose for him, I would ask him to probably look at accountancy because I think it’s good to understand numbers.”

Anthony Joshua

Although the fighter has talked about the idea of retirement, he has not yet said when, as he works his way back towards the very top of boxing.

Recently Joshua said his next bout would be announced soon, with many suspecting an all-British clash with Daniel Dubois.

However, the IBF confirmed that it has not received a request to sanction Joshua vs Dubois as an IBF world heavyweight title fight.

Oleksandr Usyk currently holds all four of the major heavyweight world championships, including the IBF, after beating Tyson Fury in May.

Joshua has only fought once in 2024 when he knocked out former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in March.