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27th Apr 2017

Alexis Sanchez mocked by rugby star after embarrassing post-match selfie

Fair point

Patrick McCarry

Alexis Sanchez made a show of himself last night.

Sure, Christian Fuchs should not have hurtled the ball at his back from a throw-in but Sanchez walked off the blow for a couple of seconds before deciding he was badly injured.

Following Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Leicester City, Sanchez decided to make things worse by attempting to prove how damaged his was from Fuchs’ actions.

That’s a swollen lip all right, although some are saying they had to zoom in to see the nick. It is also a dressing room selfie and we all know what Jamie Carragher thinks of that.

That snap was always going to rub people up the wrong way and bring about comparisons between football and different sports.

There was a lot of social media interaction about Sanchez’ actions and pictures but perhaps the best comes from former England international Ben Kay [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW].

Kay compared Sanchez’ lip with a raking injury that cut open the cheek of Worcester Warriors’ Nick Schonert a while back. Schonert took a nasty set of studs to the face and was still in his match gear, in hospital, when he tweeted out a gruesome snap. Side by side, it does Sanchez no favours.

When one Twitter user noted that the lip cut will be sore enough, Kay responded.

More fuel for the rugby versus football fire.