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10th Nov 2021

Time traveller from 2027 posts ‘further proof’ he’s the ‘last person alive on Earth’

Kieran Galpin

He’s back from the future… again

The renowned TikTok time traveller has once again bestowed their knowledge of the future and this time has “further proof” that he’s “the last person on Earth”.

The TikToker – who posts under the handle @unicosobreviviente – has been criticised countless times for his “fake” videos but this time he has set the record straight.

@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @diegogr01_♬ sonido original – Javier

“Waking up, everything changes place,” he captioned the clip.

“I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours.”

The video shows a seemingly lifeless Barcelona but there are no enormous fires, battered builds or zombies as you might expect from a mass extinction event.

Instead, it’s just silence.

Things tracked reasonably well until a bird could be seen flying near a building – but that could have been anything, surely?

Well, maybe not, as TikTok users have been quick to pile on the video and call it fake.

@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @laratademetal♬ sonido original – Javier

“There is a bird at the beginning of the video,” one user wrote, a sentiment echoed hundreds of times throughout the comments.

Though evidence would indicate that this isn’t a post-apocalyptic Barcelona, imagine how stupid we are all going to feel if his words become fact.

The TikTok user, who has been identified as Javier, first posted a video on February 13 where he claimed he was six years in the future.

Read the full story: TikTok’ time traveller’ shares video ‘proof’ he is ‘last person alive on Earth

The video was captioned: “I just woke up in a hospital and I don’t know what might have happened.

@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @fahrii234♬ Dictadura – Anuel AA

“Today is February 13, 2027, and I am alone in the city.”

It’s almost like he has watched The Walking Dead

Though many have suggested ways of confirming his claims, Javier is yet to respond with any substantial evidence.

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