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15th Sep 2023

Woman doubts existence of dinosaurs because ‘their bones aren’t everywhere’

Charlie Herbert

Woman doubts the existence of dinosaurs because 'their bones aren't everywhere'

‘Why haven’t you or I, or anyone we know, ever found a bone?’

A woman has questioned whether dinosaurs existed on the basis that their bones aren’t “everywhere.”

In a TikTok that has racked up some 3.3 million views, the conspiracy theorist asks: “If dinosaurs actually existed, wouldn’t their bones be everywhere?”

She goes on to question why an “average Joe” has never dug up any dinosaur bones, saying: “Like, why haven’t you or I, or anyone we know, ever found a bone?”

Seemingly contradicting her first theory, she then asks how dinosaur bones and fossils have managed to survive tens of millions of years when bones “can completely decay within 20 years.”

If you’re reading this thinking “good point actually”, then stop. The theories can immediately be put to bed by the fact that fossils have been found in countries on every continent, and the reason they haven’t decayed over millions of years is because of the specific environment they were preserved in.

The pressure on the buried remains caused by layers of sediment compresses them. The minerals within the sedimentary rock then penetrate the bones and turns them to stone.

Dr David Button, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum, explained: “Most of the dinosaur fossils we find are from animals that were living near to a lake or river.

“Some died shortly before the area flooded and covered their remains in mud and silt. Others were washed into a river by heavy rain.”

Thankfully, the vast majority of the comments on the TikTok were mocking of the woman, with people pointing out the vast mountains of evidence and logic that kill her conspiracy.

One person wrote: “Fossils don’t decay… because they’re fossilized…”

Another said: “Lord have mercy.”

Others applied the logic to other scenarios, with one joking: “If I take a cup of sea water, and sea has fish? Why do cup has no fish in it?!!”

A second wrote: “If sun why sometimes dark.”

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