Flat Earther's experiment to prove Earth is flat accidentally proves it's round 6 months ago

Flat Earther's experiment to prove Earth is flat accidentally proves it's round

Well, that's awkward...

After performing an experiment to prove the flat Earth theory, a flat-Earther ended up accidentally proving the exact opposite: that the Earth is - shocker - spherical.


In a clip from the Netflix documentary Behind The Curve, a flat-Earther is seen setting up a DIY experiment. The study - and we use that term lightly - shows a camera filming two holes with a flashlight on the other side which conspiracy theorist believes will prove the Earth is flat.

They theorised that if the camera can see the light when all of the torches are at the same level above the ground, then the Earth must be flat. However, if the torch is held at a higher angle and still shines through, then mother Earth is round.


The light cannot be seen at the same level but then appears when his assistant lifts the light to a higher angle and therefore 'proves' the Earth is round.

Watch the full clip below:

"Interesting," he mumbles, no doubt trying to think of a way to match his beliefs to what they are seeing in the real world. While the documentary was released in 2018, the clip has gone viral on Reddit recently.


One user pointed out that the man continues his "mental gymnastics" to claim his conspiracy theory was still correct.

"The camera was made with NASA technology DUH!' one person joked, while another commented: "I've seen that clip many times but have yet to see his explanation as to how that happened."

"Some of these guys are very smart, just picked a wrong hill to die on," stated another. "This guy took the time and effort to learn a way to prove his hypothesis. There was another guy who was a self taught rocket scientist just to prove the Earth was flat."


If only their determination could be applied in the real world.

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