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19th Jan 2022

QAnon claims Trump actually used JFK as body double at rally

Charlie Herbert

‘I instantly felt it was not him’

QAnon supporters are claiming that Donald Trump used a body double at his first rally of 2022, with some even believing that it was assassinated president John F. Kennedy.

The ‘Save America’ event has become the subject of a number of wild conspiracy theories on social media and QAnon never disappoint on the ridiculous conspiracy theory front – but this has got to be right up there as one of their most insane theories.

Not only do some of them believe that the man speaking at the rally was someone pretending to be the disgraced former president but others even have claimed that it was JFK in a Trump costume.

Ahead of the rally, Dallas QAnon influencer Michael Protzman (also known as Negative48) claimed there would be ‘big revelations.’ Then, during Trump’s speech QAnon followers were carefully examining the former president’s appearance, with many coming to the same conclusion – it wasn’t him.

“When he came out… I instantly felt it was not him,” said one person on the encrypted channel Telegram, reported Newsweek.

“I kept trying to convince myself that it was. He was not talking with his hands like he normally does.

“He didn’t pause and inhaled a lot. He sounded nervous in the beginning. [His] side profile looked different. [His] voice was a little deeper.”

Another said: “Body double for sure. Personally, I think he’s insulated.”

Meanwhile a QAnon follower with 7,000 Twitter followers claimed Kennedy would be at the rally despite the fact he would have been 104 years old had he not been assassinated in 1963.

They said: “Trump rally watchers: It appears President JFK will be President Trump tonight. I’m just saying…Enjoy the show.”

However even this theory was too wild for some QAnon supporters, with QAnon promoter and Republican Congressional candidate Ron Watkins appearing to debunk the body double claims.

“Well, I was at the rally and I saw Trump and it’s not a body double that was actually him,” he appears to say in an audio clip posted by a QAnon follower.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Trump rally without other baseless assertions such as the claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, mentions of ‘extremist’ Democrats and attacks on the ‘fake news’ media.

Trump did also suggest that he would be running for president again in 2024, saying: “In 2024, we are going to take back the White House.

“We’re going to stage a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

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