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03rd Apr 2020

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 185

Reuben Pinder

Have you shaved your head yet?

You have, haven’t you? You picked up your trimmer and thought, “fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen?” You then found out the answer to that question and have been wearing a wooly hat indoors ever since. It’s alright, mate, loads of other men have made the same mistake, including two of our own here at JOE.

Why have they done that? Well, why not, would be the obvious answer. We’re in this for the long run now and we better start getting used to cutting our own hair, I guess. But still, it is astounding quite how many men are desperate to shave their heads.

Anyway here’s your first dose of quizzage for this Friday. Remember to tune in to the live quiz at 8pm tonight live on Facebook. You can also get a case free beers delivered to your door by visiting

Consider this a warm up for Friday night’s main event.

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