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13th Mar 2020

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 182

Kyle Picknell

This endless slew of coronavirus news almost makes me miss Brexit. Almost.

In lieu of an actual mildly entertaining pub quiz intro, this week’s pre-amble will instead just contain valuable advice to help everyone deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am neither a voice of authority nor a medical professional, but those guys seem to be floundering a bit, so I might just be the right person to deliver this crucial message to the masses and ensure we all get through this. Together. We must:

  • Wash our hands
  • Look after each other
  • And above all, not be a dickhead

That’s it. That’s all. Oh, and stop buying toilet roll and hand sanitiser and bags of fusilli in quantities you simply do not require. You’re fucking everyone over for when people actually might need all those things and suddenly can’t get them because you decided to buy 40 packs of bog roll for absolutely no reason at all.

Enjoy the quiz.

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