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12th Sep 2019

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 156

Kyle Picknell

This is the 156th edition of the infamously notorious and notoriously infamous JOE Friday Pub Quiz

And the quizmaster isn’t here. I don’t know where he (Rich Cooper) is.

Rumour has it that all the years of designing quizzes, these quizzes you lot hold so dear, round after round after round and question after question after question, has left him in something of a rambling, muddled, almost vegetative state. Not only that, but he has, if the tabloid paparazzi are to be believed, which they aren’t, taken to living exclusively inside one of the pods on the London Eye. As in, they keep publishing vague, blurry, super-zoomed photographs of a tall bearded man pressed up against one of the windows with an Encyclopædia Britannica in one hand and a bag of nuts – his only source of nourishment – in the other. What is he doing up there? And why is he screaming? And why is he completely naked but for a deerstalker hat on his… head? Nobody knows. And quite frankly, I’m not sure anybody needs to know.

So now, without our good friend Rich Cooper, we are forced to press on, to combine our efforts, to put our shared experiences to the test and devise a challenging but fair quiz for you all. It’s no easy task, given his unique talent for thinking of stuff and then Googling that stuff, but I can promise you we will do our very best. We will do all we can to ensure that your thirst for knowledge, for adventure, for a good fucking bit of trivia on a Friday lunchtime is as quenched as —- oh. Never mind. He’s here. He’s literally just walked back in. Fine. Forget it. What’s that Rich? Ah.He says he doesn’t live in the London Eye and to stop spreading malicious rumours. He says he lives in a normal flat like a normal person. It’s all, apparently, just been a massive, massive misunderstanding.

Here’s this week’s quiz.


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