QUIZ: Is this a quote from The UK Office or The US Office? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Is this a quote from The UK Office or The US Office?

Michael Scott or David Brent?

Endless pub debates and comment sections have been filled with arguments over which version of The Office is better.


But let's settle this once and for all. The original is fourteen almost-perfect episodes that come together for a wonderful ending.

The US version, on the other hand, has over 200 episodes and therefore can't keep up that hit rate, but is still easily one of the best network sitcoms of its era. Is everyone ok with that?

Anyway, that's not what we are debating here. This is a quiz in celebration of both versions of The Office. A quiz that loves Ricky Gervais as much as Steve Carell, and thinks that you don't need to pick who is better out of Dwight or Gareth.

Both versions are ridiculously quotable (and meme-able), so in this quiz, we are going to give you a memorable quote, and you just have to tell us which version of The Office it is from.

Easy, right?


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