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18th Apr 2018

QUIZ: JOE’s Alphabet Quiz – Week 9: The Letter ‘I’

14 or above means you can stay out for a beer after work. I've phoned your Dad, he says it's ok

Kyle Picknell

Should I stay or should I go?

You should stay, obviously. Put your feet up, take on this quiz and enjoy that sweet, sweet release of endorphins when you inevitably get a question right.

This week is slightly film heavy with films I, Robot, I, Tonya (not a sequel), Indiana Jones and Interstellar all making an appearance.

Inception somehow missed the cut, partly because I’m only just remembering that it begins with an ‘I’ now. Warning: if you don’t know what an isosceles triangle is I’d just give up and save yourself the embarrassment.

Show off in the comments if you get a good score and tag your mother. She’s proud of you, you know.

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