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09th Jun 2017

WATCH: Angry Tory MP complains that the public are rubbish at voting

We're no good at voting, apparently


Silly us.

If you voted on Thursday, you may have been under the same misconception as us that it was an opportunity to exercise your free right to vote for whomever you pleased, depending on who had impressed you most with their policy pledges and track record. You may even have assumed there was no wrong answer to where you placed your cross.

Well you’re sadly mistaken. Because Conservative MP Crispin Blunt believes we as a collective electorate messed up. We didn’t vote how we were supposed to vote, or rather how he wanted us to vote. Our stupidity has resulted in a hung parliament and that’s really inconvenient for Blunt and his party. How inconsiderate of us.

The Member of Parliament for the Reigate constituency in Surrey, which he held on Thursday, did not mince his words about the public’s stupidity:

“Some people say the electorate never get it wrong, but if we end up with numbers like that, the electorate plainly have got it wrong, is the truth of it. They presented the country with a situation which is going to be extremely difficult to put together a governing coalition.”

That’s us told!