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20th Jun 2024

Rishi Sunak set to become first prime minister in history to lose his seat at a general election

Charlie Herbert

rishi sunak set to lose seat at general election

Rishi Sunak could make history!

Rishi Sunak is set to lose his seat at the upcoming general election, a huge new poll has predicted.

For weeks now, the polls have been predicting a disastrous set of results for the Tories when the nation goes to the polls on July 4.

The latest bombshell poll for the party has predicted that they will be left with just 53 MPs in government – and that even the prime minister himself will lose his seat in Richmond (Yorks).

This would make Sunak the first ever sitting prime minister to lose their seat at a general election.

The poll from Savanta and Electoral Calculus, carried out for the Telegraph, predicts Labour to win a huge supermajority of 382, winning 516 seats. The Tories would then narrowly pip the Lib Dems to being the second biggest party in government, with Ed Davey’s party forecast to win 50 seats.

Along with the prime minister being ousted, an incredible 14 members of the current cabinet have been forecast to lose their seats. This includes Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, and leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt.

Chris Hopkins, political research director at Savanta, described the figures as “stark”, theorising that they are a consequence of “the almost unique set of events conspiring against the Conservative Party this election”.

He added: “We’ve been conditioned for so long to believe the Conservative Party, as the natural party of government, will always be a major political force. But our MRP [multilevel regression with post-stratification] projections – in partnership with Electoral Calculus – suggest that they will be fighting with the Liberal Democrats to be the official opposition, with Labour on for a historic majority.”

Whilst this poll didn’t predict any seats for Reform UK, a separate poll form YouGov suggests that Nigel Farage’s party could claim five seats next month, including a win for the former UKIP leader in Clacton.

YouGov predicted that Labour is on course to achieve a 200-seat majority. Its analysis suggests that Labour will take 425 seats, with the Tories taking 108, the Liberal Democrats 67, SNP 20, Reform UK five, Plaid Cymru four, and the Green Party two.