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15th Aug 2022

Footage of Boris Johnson shopping in Greece emerges as PM jets off on second holiday in as many weeks

Jack Peat

Cost of living crisis! What cost of living crisis? 

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie were spotted enjoying their second holiday in as many weeks after locals filmed them shopping in a supermarket in Greece.

The caretaker prime minister- who vowed that the country’s interests would be served while a new leader is selected – only returned from a week at a Slovenian spa last Sunday.

Now locals have pictured him in a sun-soaked coastal town near Athens.

The couple were seen shopping for groceries, filling up two baskets with groceries, including bottles of wine from the fridge.

He’s seen paying for his shopping using the self-checkout terminals, before loading it into a waiting SUV, flanked by security guards.

But footage of him loading baskets and leaving them on the shop floor has left people bewildered.

James O’Brien commented that it looks like they leave them there for someone else to pick up. “Just like their bills”.

Labour has accused the government of being “missing in action” on the cost-of-living crisis as energy bills threaten to hit £5,000 next year.

Last week, it was announced that Brits already owe over £1.3bn in energy debt, with the average amount owed now three time higher than it was in 2021. Now, energy consultants Auxilione have issued further damning predictions for 2023.

Issuing a number of reports over the past few days, the latest projection has the ever-rising energy cap reaching an estimated £5,038 a year for the average household in the three months beginning in April 2023: an alarming increase of £231 from their previous figure published just a day prior.

We already know that the energy price cap is set to tip over the £3,000 mark this October and that companies like British Gas and BP have been declaring historic profits in recent weeks and months, but it looks like those numbers are only set to shoot up even further over time. Auxilione even forecast for bills to reach a whopping £4,467 by January alone.

Ed Miliband hit out at the government after it failed to agree any new support measures in a meeting with energy company executives.

He said: “Britain faces a national emergency with rising energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis. Families are worried about how they will pay their bills.

“But instead of showing leadership, the Conservatives are missing in action. The Prime Minister and Chancellor have gone AWOL, whilst the candidates for the leadership have no substantive ideas about how to help working people meet the challenges they face.

“Labour will take the action that’s needed to get us through this crisis, with real action to bring down energy bills for families, and build a stronger economy for our country.”

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