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28th Dec 2021

David Lammy apologises for nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader

Kieran Galpin


‘That was a mistake and I’m sorry,’ Lammy said at the Jewish festival Limmud

David Lammy has apologised for nominating Jeremy Corbyn for Labour’s top seat back in 2015, while also stating he is “staggered” that people with antisemitic views remain in the party.

Speaking at the Limmud festival, a Jewish event which took place virtually this year between 24 and 28 December, Lammy admitted that his nomination was “a mistake”.


“I regret nominating Jeremy Corbyn and if I knew what I do now, I never would have nominated him,” the shadow foreign secretary told the crowd, according to Jewish News.

“I never believed he would become leader. That was a mistake and I am sorry for that.”

The MP reportedly said he was “fully behind” the current Labour leadership, with the top spot filled by Keir Starmer with Angela Rayner as his deputy.

He said: “I don’t believe the overall culture is toxic any more … but until the party is genuinely welcome for everyone, we remain on a journey.”

The Tottenham MP also said he is aware that there are still some people with antisemitic views in Labour.

He said: “I’ve met some of these individuals and am frankly staggered some are still in the party.

“But as a lawyer, I understand that people appeal and go to court. There is a process, which can feel slow and tortuous sometimes, but it must be undertaken.”

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