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26th Oct 2020

Brexit Party throws supporters into revolt after suggesting support for Marcus Rashford’s free school meals campaign

The Brexit Party have backed Marcus Rashford's campaign to extend free school meals, lashing out at the Tory government in the process.

Alex Roberts

It’s fair to say the response has been mixed

The Brexit Party have angered supporters by choosing to back Marcus Rashford’s campaign to extend free school meals. Led by Nigel Farage, The Brexit Party also lashed out at the Tory government in the process.

Manchester United star Rashford recently embarked on a campaign to have the government extend its free school meals policy beyond term time and throughout school holidays.

The campaign gathered pace after the government voted against a Labour motion proposing that free school meals be extended into school holidays for no extra cost to parents.

The Brexit Party have today criticised the government’s free school meals policy on Twitter.

In a seemingly surprising move for a party on the right-wing of British politics, The Brexit Party say: “The Government was happy to help adults to eat out in August, but now it lets the poorest children go hungry during the school holidays.

Does this seem fair to you?”

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage took aim at the government last week.

He said: “If the government can subsidise Eat Out to Help Out, not being seen to give poor kids lunch in the school holidays looks mean and is wrong.”

The Brexit Party’s stance seems to have divided opinion on social media.

Many are in agreement with Farage’s party, but others have labelled their stance as political opportunism and “jumping on the bandwagon”.

This was the view of those who believe The Brexit Party helped elect the Tories by targeting working class voters in traditional, Labour strongholds.

“You facilitated their election, don’t jump on this bandwagon,” writes one Twitter user.

Another said: “What was the name of that party that stood down half of its candidates so that the Tories could get a disproportionally massive majority last year?”

Not all comments were negative, however.

One supportive comment read: “First thing I’ve ever agreed with you on – keep up the good work”.

Marcus Rashford’s campaign is gaining an increasing amount of support each and every day. The government’s own advisory commission on social mobility have even backed the Manchester United forward.

Urging the government to do more to tackle child poverty, they Social Mobility Commission say:

“We believe the Government should do all it can to start reversing that trend. It should begin by ensuring that all children are properly fed.

“But it needs to go much further. We now need a much more ambitious programme to combat child poverty.”