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23rd May 2022

Boris Johnson tells hungry Brits “to wait a little bit longer” for government help

Ava Evans

Please sir, can I have some help?

People waiting for help with the cost of living crisis will “just have to wait a little bit longer,” the prime minister has said.

Speaking during a visit to a school in south east London, Boris Johnson conceded the struggle “is going to go on” but more help wasn’t on the way yet.

The PM is facing growing pressure, including from his own MPs, to adopt Labour’s proposition of a windfall tax that would charge a one-off levy to oil and gas companies that have reaped profits during the recent energy price surge.

“No option is off the table, let’s be absolutely clear about that,” Johnson told reporters.

“I’m not attracted intrinsically to new taxes but as I have said throughout, we have got to do what we can – and we will – to look after people through the aftershocks of Covid.”

He added “we are going to put our arms round people, just as we did during the pandemic.”

Responding to his comments, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the government should stop “dithering and delaying” and “get on with it”.

The party are calling on the government to introduce the one-off levy to bring down household bills. By their calculations, the tax could save families up to £600.

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